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Releasetech  provides management services that allow business owners to focus on the essence of their business, which is to grow revenue sustainably.

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Standardized Beverage Taste

Standardized coffee to your customers' preferences

(with Swiss brewing equipment)

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Higher Sales Turnover

Improve low turnover of coffee machines with an average drink preparation time of 30 seconds

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Various Menu Configurations

30 different menu options including Americano, Café Latte, Caramel Macchiato, yogurt, ade, Bubble Tea, etc.


High Durability and Low Maintenance Costs

Durable products produced in our own manufacturing plant (patented), nationwide after-sales service network

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Decaffeinated & Caffeinated

The only unmanned café machine that can be used with 2 types of beans (blending of beans other than decaffeinated/caffeinated classification is possible)


In-house Developed and Produced

In-house developed and produced to quickly respond to customer requests, providing higher convenience at a lower price than competitors.

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